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When I was very small I loved my mother to sing to me as I was falling asleep. Many of the songs ...

There are so many beautiful love songs it was difficult to know where to begin selecting them for ...

The Old Testament

  1. God Creates the World
  2. Adam and Eve
  3. God Pro ...
Welcome to Tom Sweeney Music

Tom Sweeney

Tom Sweeney is a genuine ‘rarity’ in the field of Irish singing.

His audiences range from four and five year-olds right up to the thousands who regularly attend his performances on the stages of the U.S. and Canada’s premier Irish music festivals.

Along with brother Jimmy, the late Donegal fiddle player, P.V.O’Donnell and fellow Omagh man, Brian Doherty, known collectively as Barley Bree, Tom spent nearly twenty years in Nova Scotia, Canada plying his musical trade.

“We were very fortunate in Canada, because we were initially offered a sixteen part weekly television series called the ‘Barley Bree Show’ with CTV, which became a thirty two part series the following year.”